Aluminium Rail Fencing

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When deciding on the material of your fence don’t overlook Aluminum rail. The material has so many benefits to help you decide on what type of fence best fits your needs. Here is a list of benefits that may help your deciding factor!

  • Minimum Maintenance. Unlike wrought iron fencing, aluminum will not need to be painted every few years. When being manufactured aluminum receives a series of protective coats. All of our aluminum is powder coated with a paint that is baked on after a complete primed processed.
  • Zero Rust. Does not rust like iron, which is classified as a ferric metal which will oxidize and rust. Aluminum is not a ferric metal and will not rust. It’s estimated that aluminum can take over 12,000 years to decompose making it very versatile.
  • Aluminum rail costs are drastic to wrought iron. Real wrought iron fence must be manufactured with an expensive metal as compared to aluminum fences that are manufactured.
  • Aluminum fencing provides a low maintenance containment and security while keeping a great look. Black aluminum rail blends with almost all landscapes and is available in a variety of styles.
  • Peace of mind. Other fences can easily be jumped over and chain link fences can be cut in seconds, while aluminum fencing with spear-topped pickets is a much harder fence to get over or even cut.
  • Most good aluminum fence panels are gradable meaning they can adjust to the slope of your land. If your fence is not gradable, then it can leave unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence if going up or down on any grade.

Warranty. Fenced In backs all of our aluminum with a five-year installation warranty and a lifetime manufactures warranty.

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